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Maxxis M8008, Wanda, Carlisle, WestLake, Towmaster(Greenball), Solid Trac, Trail America, Gladiator, Hercumile, Hi-Run, Transmaster, GDY Marathon, Nanco, Powerking.

D = bias Tires R = radial Tires Most trailer Tires are either 6-ply or 8-ply. Other info: Radial "R" trailer Tires dry rot more quickly so if your trailer sits idle for weeks and/or months, it's best to get the bias "D" tire. In other words: If you travel a lot, get "R" and if you sit a lot, get "D". 175-80-13 ,175-80-13, 205-75-14, 205-75-14, 205-75-15, 205-75-15, 225-75-15, 225-75-15, 235-80-16

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